WestVic Hockey [WV] Guidelines are based on:

  • Hockey Ballarat [HB] return to hockey guidelines, which in turn are based on Hockey Victoria [HV], Government and Australian Institute of Sport guidelines.
  • WV will both submit to and confirm acceptance of, our guidelines by HB
  • WV will submit a statement by our committee that.
    • We have read and understood HV’s return to hockey guidelines.
    • Formulated our own individual plan based on the HV Return to Hockey Guidelines.
    • Received approval from HB to return to the POW facility and conduct hockey activities.
  • WV will appoint a Covid 19 coordinator, whose initial role is to liaise with relevant people to assist coaches and players implementation of WV guidelines.
  • WV club members, players and officials must agree to abide by these regulations before engaging in any activity on WV’s behalf.
  • WV players must complete the HV registration process before recommencing training.


WestVic Hockey– “Return To Hockey Guidelines”

General Overview

These “WestVic Hockey Return to Hockey” guidelines are based on recommended guidelines provided by Hockey Victoria taking into account the health guidelines, the AIS return to play documents, National Principles and other associations developed and operating guidelines (Appendices 2,3,4).

General Health

The guidelines are being implemented to increase safety of participants from COVID -19 and to meet Health Department and government guidelines.


We encourage the WestVic Hockey Community to download and use the COVID Safe app. The COVIDSafe app helps find close contacts of COVID-19 cases. The app helps state and territory health officials to quickly contact people who may have been exposed to COVID-19.

It is important to reiterate the health messages around COVID-19:

COVID-19 affects different people in different ways. Most infected people will develop mild to moderate symptoms.

Common symptoms include:

  •  Fever.
  •  Tiredness.
  •  Dry Cough.

Some people may experience:

  •  Aches and Pains.
  •  Nasal Congestion.
  •  Runny Nose.
  •  Sore Throat.
  •  Diarrhoea.

On average it takes 5–6 days from when someone is infected with the virus for symptoms to show, however it can take up to 14 days.

If you have or have been in contact with someone who has the above symptoms or have any of these symptoms within the last 14 days, you are asked not to attend the club for your training session. It is a Health and Government recommendation you are tested for coronavirus if you exhibit these symptoms.


If you suspect you may have the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) call the dedicated hotline – open 24 hours, 7 days – 1800 675 398.


You must isolate until the corona virus test result is known.

If any member tests positive for COVID-19 you should contact your Club President, Vic Health and the Chief Public Health Officer will co-ordinate a response with contact tracing activities and the Club must follow their advice.

Members who have tested positive for COVID-19 will be asked not to attend the Club until such time as a medical certificate provides confirmation the member has satisfactorily recovered.

A negative test result allows the member to resume activity if they are well. They should seek advice and avoid contact if unwell with a non- COVID-19 illness.


Movement in an out of Prince of Wales Park Facilities and the Ballarat Hockey Pitch [POW]

The following is set out to control access in and out of POW park facility and pitch.

  • Squads will have allotted times for training and will manage access during this time.
  • Bookings for other times may be made by WV (eg. Saturday/Sunday/daytime/public holidays) through Hockey Ballarat website as per standard booking procedures.
  • No individuals or other groups will be allowed bookings. The general access key will not be available.
  • WestVic access is only by the WV key, unless following another clubs training session. Access to WV’s key is strictly controlled and only used to only access the ground for booked training sessions.

Movement in and out of Venue

  • Access to POW facility will be via one point only. Entry will be via Alleyway between Clubrooms and Changeroom buildings. Only Exit will be via pedestrian gate located on Aquatic Centre side of club rooms
  • WV will ensure groups do not create an unnecessary risk of people congregating (e.g. at entrances or exits, near toilets or in carparks or other nearby areas) by allocating staggered start times for the North and South groups. A group waiting for the next session should remain in their cars until they can enter the facility or conduct individual kit up and warm up in the POW precinct outside of the hockey facility.
  • Venue entry and exit will be with clear physical distancing utilising markings and signage displaying the key information relating to resumption of activities.
  • WV squads will only enter POW once the preceding group have vacated the facility.
  • Upon arrival at POW Park all entrants must be checked in at entry to the venue. HB will provide a recording template for this, but physical distancing must be maintained before and after checking in.
  • WV will provide a volunteer to be at the entry way to coordinate these access rules and:
    • to oversee this process
    • will, during whole session, control entry, limiting entry to people attending just that session.
    • operate lighting
    • ensure session cleaning requirements are completed

 Details to be collected include:

  • Date of entry
  • First name and surname
  • Phone number
  • Time in
  • Time out
  • Club & team, group name, coach

Please ensure physical distancing measures are maintained. These records will be made available to State Health Dept in the event of a case being confirmed and will allow contact tracing.

  • Hand sanitising stations will be located at this point and all entrants must sanitise hands at check in.

Entry onto Pitch

  • WV will have 2 training groups for each session, they will be designated
    • North Group (Croquet end)
    • South Group (Aquatic Centre end)
  • WV will have prearranged group participants before entry. Groups will be separated in time at entry and space during training. Groups will not mix at each session
  • WV will ensure players disperse north and south of entry to the designated areas while maintaining physical distancing and promptly progressing to the allocated pitch training zone.
  • The group sizes will comply with current government guidelines.
  • Markings will be made to show designated areas where necessary.
  • Players are discouraged from bringing bags or kit into POW. Where possible leave in car and be ready to play.
  • Goalies with gear can kit early at their car. Or in an allocated change room during the training session.
  • All field players to get ready in the car with shin pads etc on before entry. Leave tracksuits and coats in the car except on wet nights when players will be allowed to bring coat and bag in.
  • Bags and coats are to be taken on ground with player. No gear to be left in marshalling area. Wet nights gear shall be allowed in dugout
  • Pitch entry will be directed by WV nominated volunteer or coach.
  • Pitch access is via the tech bench gate.
  • Squads will maintain a 5 metre ‘no go area’ of 5m between the north and south zones.

Access to facilities within the venue

  • Lights will be managed only by nominated club volunteer
  • Dugouts are out of bounds and taped off except for gear storage on wet nights. Goals can be moved within the designated training zone
  • Changerooms will unavailable during this time and will remained locked unless required by a goalkeeper.
  • Toilets will be open in alleyway and surfaces wiped over in between sessions with disinfectant and facilities cleaned and maintained weekly as normal.
  • Clubrooms are closed and no access is allowed at this time and unless specifically booked with HB Secretary or through booking system. Examples of use would be club meetings but not coaching talks at training.
  • No taps are to be used to fill water bottles

First Aid

  • Defibrillator can be accessed via key to centre and is located in changeroom as signage indicates.
  • Groups must bring own first aid kit with coaches responsible for ice.
  • No ice will be available at the facility.
  • Any injury will be treated on the pitch or the injured person should leave the centre to seek treatment. No treating in changerooms, dugouts or toilets.
  • Normal blood rules apply with washing of area allowed as per normal. But injured person must leave ground for substantive treatment.

General Hygiene and Cleaning Measures

HB will ensure a thorough cleaning before returning to play and will maintain a standard clean weekly. However, it is requirement that shared facilities surfaces be disinfected regularly.

WV will adhere to HB instructions and cleaning requirements (appendix 1)

  • For ease HB has set that regular wipe down with disinfectant/detergent will occur at the end of each training group by that finishing group.
  • Disinfectant will be provided in entry way, as will disposable wipe cloths and disposable gloves.
  • WV, upon completing a training session, will be responsible for the following without exception:
    • Toilets – all surfaces including bench and sink, toilet seat and buttons to be wiped down and cloth disposed
    • All door handles in and out of centre, toilet handles, sanitising dispensers, gates in and out of pitch and ground

Sharing of equipment is not permitted

  • This includes but not limited to Hockey sticks, shin pads, masks, mouthguards, etc
  • Only one person per zone per session is to handle cones and balls. [Coach or designated player]
  • Coaches must ensure all shared equipment (e.g. cones and balls) is sanitised at the end of each training session. Exact process to be confirmed.
  • Bibs must not be used (players to bring their own alternate tops)
  • Physical distancing rules apply to all training sessions on and off the pitch
  • Training drills must be designed with physical distancing measures in place
  • There must be a minimum distance of 1.5m between participants at all times

Personal hygiene

  • Shower at home prior to training and wear clean clothing
  • Shower at home after training and wash clothing to reduce transmission risks
  • Wash your hands before and after training. Importantly sanitise hands at sanitising station on entering by designated entry
  • Take care to store your mouth guard appropriately when not in use and importantly do not rinse it in public or on the ground
  • Do not share sticks, clothing, towels etc
  • Bring your full water bottles to training with your name clearly visible on the bottle.
  • Participants must not share water bottles. Water fountains will not be available at POW facility and neither will be the taps
  • Use hand sanitiser when entering the pitch and at the and as required during your training session using coaches pitch bottle
  • If using toilet wash hands with soap and water (20 sec standard) after and use paper towel to dry and opening door before with towel before disposing

Hockey Activities

  • Non-contact skills training drills are allowed in small groups (currently not more than 20 people plus a coach and assistant) and physical distancing rules must be observed.
  • Hockey pitch will be divided into two zones limited to maximum group sizes as designated by current government guidelines. Groups should not mix with each other and should remain constant, with participants avoiding swapping between groups.
  • The centre line designates separation of 2 zones. Balls should be retrieved from the zone by people in the zone where the balls stop.
  • A 5m space between the zones each side of centre line.
  • Parents and guardians taking children to and from training activities are required to follow the Chief Health Officers’ Directions for public gatherings and maintain physical distancing of 1.5 metres at all times in POW surrounds.

BUT importantly they are not to spectate within the ground and indeed enter POW park unless they are volunteering while their children train.

  • There is no designated area for viewing for spectators or parents at POW under these guidelines.
  • Parents and guardians that remain with their children during participation, will be considered part of the group up to 20 people, unless they are formally coaching or instructing the activity.
  • Wherever possible, parents/guardians are encouraged to remain in their cars while waiting for their children.
  • Training start and finish times will be set by WV within our standard training times.
  • If there is more than one group using the pitch, WV will schedule a gap between the end time for one group and the start time of the subsequent group to allow players on the pitch to exit through the designated exit point, and avoid congestion.
  • Entry onto pitch must be controlled to maintain physical distancing onto each end of pitch through the entry points
  • No high fives, handshakes, spitting or contact.
  • Coaches will:
    • Reiterate physical distancing rules at the start of each session and while off the pitch
    • Training drills should be designed with physical distancing measures in place – remain 1.5m apart at all times.
    • No standing around close to other participants during or in between drills’ (e.g. when waiting at a cone)
    • Have a container of hand sanitiser on pitch with them for players to use during and at conclusion of training
  • Accidental/unintentional contact may occur however must be avoided wherever possible.
  • Once the session concludes, training participants should leave POW park immediately, directly to the car park using the designated exit gate. No lingering or hanging out within confines of POW park and outside in carpark. Please observe physical distancing requirements including group numbers and 1.5 m spacing at all times.


To minimise unnecessary contact to reduce the risk of infection the AIS Framework recommends the following approach to training

 ‘get in, train, get out’   WV Guidelines endorse the AIS approach

 AIS Framework



  • Hockey equipment such as hockey sticks, masks, and goalkeeper gear must not be shared
  • WV hockey balls and cones/markers can be used if cleaned and disinfected following use and prior to being used again for another session with a different group of 20.
  • WV can use cleaning products that are antiviral, meaning it can kill the virus, such as chlorine-based disinfectants or freshly made diluted bleach solution in accordance with Department of Health guidelines. Appendix 1 or click here Cleaning Link
  • Always follow the manufacturers guidelines for the correct mixture when working with chemicals
  • Wash equipment (such as balls, markers etc) in the cleaning mixture, leaving it on for at least ten minutes, before rinsing and drying.

Note: This requirement will may prevent different WestVic training groups using the same equipment. WV will split separate sets of gear to supply back to back sessions.



Appendix  1  – Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection principles for COVD-19

Explains environmental cleaning of facilities and especially mixing  of bleach for  disinfecting shared equipment such as  balls, cones etc. Cleaning Link


Appendix 2 – National principles for the resumption of sport and recreation activities

Principles return

Appendix 3 – AIS Framework for rebooting Sport in a COVID-19 Environment

                                    AIS Framework

Appendix 4 – Other related documentation

Appendix 5 – Hockey Victoria Guidelines

                                   HV Guidelines


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